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SEW PATTERNS is a new class designed to give an introduction to dressmaking patterns and SEW DAY has been modified so that it is now just a sewing day… turns out we needed more time to sew!!  You can now  choose what you need more help with… the cutting out or the sewing together.  If you come to just a SEW DAY, the cutting out of the fabric pieces must be done before you arrive.




Please have a look at the BOOKINGS page for dates.

It will take place on either a Monday or Thursday morning from 10am till 1pm. Due to space, this class will have a maximum of three students.  

On a SEW PATTERNS session, you will learn how to use a simple pattern.  You can either bring your own simple pattern or use one of mine. I will explain how to work out your size,  IMG_7530work out fabric amount and type,  and make simple alterations to the pattern. With my help you will cut out your paper pattern, pin it onto some fabric and cut it out.

You will need to bring some calico fabric or cheap cotton fabric with you. 
Calico is an unbleached cotton fabric that is often used to make a toile/mock up of a garment.  Until you know how a pattern actually fits it’s wise to have a trial run in a cheap fabric!

At the end of the session it will be ready to sew together at home or on one of my SEW DAYS.





Unfortunately the SEW DAY is only available to those who have completed a SEW BASIC Course or attended a private lesson with me. It would be a good idea to attend a SEW PATTERNS session prior to the SEW DAY.

Please have a look at the BOOKINGS page for dates.

It’ll be a long day, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 5.30pm with a one-hour breakIMG_2599.JPG for lunch. There is a Waitrose and several cafés just 2 minutes walk away if you want to stretch your legs!

Sewing Machines are provided, but you can bring your own machine to use if you’d prefer.  

On the SEW DAY,  I will guide you through the process of making up your own personally chosen pattern, which would need to be pre-cut at home or with me before the SEW DAY.  You will be working at your own pace so I’m afraid it’s impossible for me to guarantee completion as it depends on your level and choose pattern. However, if you feel able, to save time you could start the process at home and come at a stage in the instructions where you need help.

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