Sew Young


I run various classes for children depending on their age. The number of classes I can run is limited because I also enjoy being a very busy mum with two gorgeous children who I want to spend lots of time with!


£15.00 per Class / £105.00 per term

This class runs every other week on a Saturday morning from 10am till 11.45am.

Current Students will be offered places first.

Once your child has learnt to control a sewing machine and has mastered a few basic techniques, she/he can join in with the rest of the group and work on projects chosen to build on techniques and gain confidence. As this is a group of teenagers, most of these projects are fashion related.

This class is fantastic if your child loves textiles or fashion and is thinking about taking it further. A couple of previous students who were with me from the age of 13 years went on to study fashion at university.

Sewing machines and equipment are provided but you will be expected to buy your own fabric for projects.  Advice will always be given on what fabric to buy and how much you will need.

Sew School



Sew School London


£15.00 per session

Once a month I run  Fashion Sew Club for children aged eight years old and above.  It  always takes place on a Saturday afternoon  from 3pm till 5pm.  This is not a sewing machine class.

Children who come every month will soon pick up all the essential techniques needed to make  mini clothes and then with a creative mind and my guidance, the possibilities are endless. In this class all the mini clothes will be sewn by hand using a simple running stitch. It would be brilliant if your child already knows this stitch, can thread a needle and tie a knot as they will be able to go straight on to making mini clothes, but if not, don’t worry, they will be taught all these skills in their first session.
The children will be encouraged to work on their own project so even though they will all be sewing together and learning the same techniques, they may well be making different things. Hopefully this will be inspiring for them. 

Once a student is accomplished and has been coming for some time, they may get the opportunity to use a sewing machine. However, as this class is for a younger age group, the sewing machines will only be allowed if I feel it is safe. 



Please note As this is a group class, it’s not possible for me to give individual attention to all of the children all of the time.  I think it is important to be aware that whatever their level, the children will have to wait their turn if they get stuck.  I will try to make sure the children choose something within their capability, and will do all I can to help, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee they will completely finish what they are making within the two hours.  Hopefully they will get to a stage where they are able to finish off at home…I hope this all seems fair and makes sense! 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.