Sew You

one-to-one sewing lessons


£40.00 per hour

One-to-one sewing lessons take place in the afternoons on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, subject to availability.  Lessons are booked as you go because it’s not often possible to get the same time each week. 

One-to-one lessons are great if you want to learn something specific, or if you can’t attend any of my group classes.  One-to-one lessons are the only option I have for children under 13 years old.

I can provide sewing machines, and other equipment but you can bring your own sewing machine to learn on if you want. You will need to provide your own fabric if you want to make something specific.

The benefit of having private tuition is all the individual attention you get.  It definitely helps you progress quicker! However, please bear in mind, especially if you are a complete beginner, that everything takes longer than you expect! The very basics can be learnt in a few hours but more advanced sewing, like dressmaking, will take much longer. Beginner students tend to come regularly while learning the basics and getting to know the sewing machine. Intermediate and advanced students come once in a while when they need help.  

Private Tuition is  a more expensive way to learn but you can reduce the cost by finding a friend or two to join you… 

Team up with a friend at the reduced rate of £50 per hour for two people or £60 per hour for three people.


PLEASE email me for available slots