Sew Club London

SEW CLUB – Summer 2015


In May my monthly Sew Club students made some striking peg bags. They were all edged with bias binding, which is very affordable by the roll from Ebay. The small wooden hangers are from the children’s department in Ikea.

The more projects we do with bias binding the better and more confident my students get at it! We always sew our bias binding on in two stages to get a better finish. Remember… the first stitch line that attaches the bias binding to the edge marks where to fold the bias over to on the other side. Sewing slowly and accurately is the key!



IMG_1092           IMG_1090 IMG_1079     IMG_1097

In June my Sew Club students made a pretty and useful fabric storage roll to practice inserting a zip. Based on a jewellery roll, these cotton versions can be used to store all sorts of things, not just jewellery. I use mine to hold an ‘out and about’ first aid kit!

They were so popular that all the spare ones I had cut out were bought! I always hand out a printed instruction sheet with details on what to buy, measurements to cut out and reminder steps on how to sew it all together so my students can make another one at home if they want to.



Making My New Website

Some of you may have seen my old website… I loved the look of it but felt it was definitely time for something more professional with the facility to book online.  I wanted to keep the new site just as simple and easy to follow and I didn’t want too much information for people to get lost in as personally I find that very frustrating and confusing. Being dyslexic, websites that are too wordy and busy looking put me off straight away. I think many creative people feel the same way. I wanted my new website to be very clear and visual… this is also an indication of how I teach! 

After looking online at website developers local to me I found the lovely Lucy Hall who is a very knowledgeable and helpful lady.  Not only has she done a fab job at upgrading my website but she’s also been very patient in teaching me how to edit it in WordPress.  It’s actually much easier than I expected though my problem is remembering it all a week from now! Thankfully Lucy has made a  fantastic video to remind me… how great is that! It’s all been pretty stress free so far thanks to Lucy.  So if you’re looking for someone to build you a website then look no further… I can’t recommend her enough.

Lucy has also explained the importance of social media and has helped me set it all up.  I now have links to Twitter and Facebook, and a Blog… to be honest this terrifies me as I’d much rather be sewing than wasting hours looking at a screen wondering what to write! There are so many amazing bloggers out there, I feel quite intimidated… I promise you, I’m a much better teacher than I am a writer!