As it may be some time before we can safely get together in the physical sense, zoom lessons are a fantastic alternative.  I’ve been so pleased with how well it’s worked for my regular classes that I’m now offering 1-2-1 sewing lessons via Zoom. Time to get that sewing machine out of the box!  I’m going to continue to offer these lessons as an alternative after everything goes back to normal as I believe for those with time or travel restrictions, this is a real solution.



Zoom is easy to use and it’s free! You don’t need a Zoom account to attend a lesson, you don’t even need to download the free app if you don’t want to… it’s up to you.  All you need is a computer, iPad or mobile… the bigger the screen the better as we can see what’s going on more clearly. I also like to use Whatsapp along side Zoom, to share close ups, instructions and videos… it does help if you have two screens available for this but it’s not essential.

If you know how to use Zoom that’s great, but if not, please don’t worry, I’m really very patient and will happily show you the ropes… To start with, I’ll email you an invitation to attend a ‘Zoom Meeting’. Then on the arranged date and time you just click the link in the email under ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ and follow the instructions. It’s pretty simple, but if you’d like more detail, click HERE to watch a quick video by ZOOM which should help. Once you’re in the meeting I can explain more.


As an incentive, I’ve made these 1-2-1 sewing lessons via Zoom a little bit cheaper.  And you can book  a quick 30 mins if that’s all you need, or you just want to try it out. Also, if you’d like to share your lesson with someone else in your household  there’s no additional cost.

– £15 per ½ hour

– £30 per  hour

How TO book:

Please email to organise a time and I will send you my payment details. Online payments only.




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